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Carbon Negative Water Solutions
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John R. Hoaglund, III, Ph.D. [LinkedIn]
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Carbon Negative capitalizes on the expertise of our scientists and partners in sustainability, attained over many years of work at contract research organizations, environmental companies, government, and academia. Carbon Negative is dedicated to excellence in helping our customers achieve their environmental and sustainability goals, including groundwater and carbon management.
Dr. Hoaglund recently founded a non-profit, “to promote the research, development, education, application, production, economics, marketing, and deployment of related technologies needed to 1) reduce climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, 2) produce fresh water from desalination, and manage freshwater by preventing salinization and neutralizing acid precipitation and acid mine drainage, and 3) promote clean energy by producing energy carriers (lithium and  hydrogen) for clean energy storage.”  For more information, visit the website:
Dr. Hoaglund continues to provide the following environmental services:
Environmental Services
  • Geological Investigation
  • Geological Subsurface Reconstruction (Solid Modeling)
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Fate-and-Transport modeling
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Groundwater Supply Development and Remediation
  • Wellhead Protection Zones
  • Environmental Forensics (including geochemical and isotopic methods)
  • Water Quality Assessment and Treatment
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery Feasibility Studies
  • Seawater Barrier Feasibility Studies

Capability (cape) Statement

Carbon Negative Water Solutions

Do you have an ongoing environmental remediation or water supply system? Have you seen your electric bill?  We can help.
Carbon Negative is not just another environmental services firm.  We understand that water and energy are fundamentally linked.  Our core philosophy is to incorporate sustainability principles into water, energy, and carbon reduction projects.
The water industry consumes a tremendous amount of energy, and is thus one of the largest emitters of CO2:
“California’s water infrastructure uses a tremendous amount of energy to collect, move, and treat water; dispose of wastewater; and power the large pumps that move water throughout the state. California consumers also use energy to heat, cool, and pressurize the water they use in their homes and businesses. Together these water related energy uses annually account for roughly 20 percent of the state’s electricity consumption, one-third of non-power plant natural gas consumption, and about 88 million gallons of diesel fuel consumption.”
-California Energy Commission, 2005.  Integrated Energy Policy Report, CEC-100-2005-007-CMF. November, 2005.
You’re going to need a lot of energy.  We explore options to reduce YOUR costs and carbon footprint.  Carbon Negative is teamed with alternative energy providers for carbon neutral water production and treatment, and is developing carbon sequestration techniques using natural water chemistry to “go negative early.”